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Ádám DÓRA _Chunky Steps_2021_installation_mural_ ludwig museum_esterhazy_artawardEsterházy

Chunky Steps / installation view

Esterházy Art Award Short List 2021, Group Exhibition

Ludwig Museum, Budapest

1 Dec 2021 – 13 Feb 2022


Curated by Vitus Weh

A pair of trainers worn on the feet are rather odinary things. Or are they? Ádám Dóra paints these trendy everyday objects to appear rough, as if they were massive mountain range or archaic totems. Moreover, they are placed upside down against a background painted in striking colours. Therefore, in every trainer (a "sneaker"), we recognise a monstrous transformer.

" Functionality and comfort have replaced elegance in recent years and a new kind of aesthetics has been born fetishising the ugly, the trashy and the disproportional", says the artist.

But Ádám Dóra's canvases don't stop at cardboard-like expressionism. He also brings the hanging surfaces of his pictures into the game: our world looks best in front of half-finished plasterboard walls.

/Text from the exhibition catalogue/

Ádám DÓRA _Chunky Steps_2021_installation_mural_ ludwig museum_esterhazy_artawardIMG_7722.

Vulcanized / In-Situ-Art 

Permanent Installation in MICE Office, Esterházy Castle, Eisenstadt

NOW Esterházy Contemporary Collection, 2022


Curated by Vitus Weh

Esterházy Castle_ Adam Dora_office_installation_Vulcanized_Thunder Socks _edited.jpg
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