Breakwaters _ 2018 - 2020

The main subject of the series is the view of the breakwaters located in the harbor of Nice. These shapes, standing like strangers in the landscape contain several meanings: they construct a border between earth-based and water-based wildlife. Acting as an artificial coral reef they provide protection. Their particular architectural aesthetic - their brutality - appears as a massive and aggressive force in the idyll of the French Riviera.

The imperfections created by the masking tape are visually similar to the rough edges of the concrete structures produced by the molds. The desire of people to create artificially something perfect always carries some hidden defect, which makes us unable to override the natural order of the world.

This is how different elements meet in the paintings: water and sky with concrete, wide with narrow spaces, the infinite with the restricted surface of the canvas.

Selected pages from the sketchbook

2018, Nice, FR - Budapest, HU


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